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8K Ultrasound Photo

8K Ultrasound Photo

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Skin Tone

Transform your existing 3D/5D/HD ultrasound images into 8K photos to see your baby's nose and lips come to life in stunning realism. 

Great gift, for expecting parents, friends and family who want to cherish their little one in every way possible.

How to order:

  1. Upload your best 3D/5D/HD ultrasound picture(s) and you will receive via email your baby's 8K photo within 2 business days!
  2. Select desired skin tone. Default is tone 2
  3. Match quantity to the number of uploaded pictures -If quantity is 1 and multiple pictures are uploaded we will choose the best image for you!
  4. Download your final 8K photo from your email in 2 business days.

*Please note: The clearer the original ultrasound image is, the better quality your 8K photo will be. A clear FRONTAL view of the baby’s face gives the best results.



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